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7 Dec 2021


Play Worker Job Description

Job summary: Assist with day-to-day activities of the club
Provide quality play care within the framework of the club’s
policies and procedures
Working relationships: Children attending the club and their parents/carers
Management and staff, including students and volunteers
Schools and registering authorities

Main duties include:
Assist with planning, preparing and delivering quality play opportunities within a safe and caring environment.
Providing comprehensive care for the children including collecting them from class and delivering them safely to parents or carers.
Setting up the play space including moving furniture and play equipment.
Providing refreshments and ensuring that hygiene, health and safety standards are met.
Administering first aid when necessary.
Consulting with children and involving them in planning activities.
Helping with club administration, where necessary.
Encouraging parental involvement in the club.
Facilitating good communication with all members of the organisation, parents, and schools.
Undertaking appropriate and relevant training.
Keeping the work environment healthy, safe and secure.
Working within the framework of the club’s policies and procedures.

Person specification

If you are interested please call Viv on 07889 559872 for a chat.