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About Footscray Out Of School Club

Childcare Needed To Be Affordable, Safe, And Good Quality

Footscray OSC was first registered in 1998 by Vivien Johnson with a view that childcare needed to be affordable, safe, and good quality. A childcare facility run by families for families and that is still true today. Footscray OSC employs a variety of staff all chosen for their own unique abilities and the way they interact with the children. Some staff are highly qualified with childcare qualifications but others are there purely to facilitate the children’s varying needs such as a staff member that has qualifications in sport science to help initiate physical play in the extensive playgrounds used by the clubs.

Staff are fully aware that not every parent is comfortable with their children going into any kind of wraparound care and therefore they know that it has to be of the highest quality. 


Where We Operate

Our Locations

Footscray Out of School Clubs operates around Kent and Greater London.

Gray's Farm Primary

Royal Park Primary

Horizon Primary 

Horizon Primary Academy

Hilda May Avenue




Quality Childcare in Footscray

Child's Development

Children are able to set their own rules at the beginning of the school year so it is more meaningful to them. Children are able to socialise freely with their peers whilst tackling the many activities on offer, from craft, cooking, junk modelling, painting, and run around games.

Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress throughout the club on a daily basis, the daily handover is important to the child’s development and welfare so that all parties are fully aware if the child is having a difficult time, after school club isn’t for every child and Footscray OSC recognise this, school staff also have the opportunity to relay messages to the family via after school club staff enabling children new to the school to have a better settling in period.


Husband & Wife Team

Vivien Johnson & John Cotgrove


Our Team

Our Management Team


Food At Footscray

Food On Offer

The menu is extensive and because children ‘eat with their eyes’ the buffet whether it be Breakfast or After-school has to be healthy and colourful with the occasional little treat thrown in.


Breakfast- variety of cereals, juices, fruits, pancake, toast, brioche, muffins, hot food served one morning a week along with the children’s favourite milk straws!


Buffet Tea- a variety of different salad, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, sweet corn, ham, egg, cheese and then something the children can make themselves such as pitta pizzas or wraps. During the cold weather a hot meal is served such as spaghetti bolognese,  macaroni cheese, soup and warm rolls and all with a variety from the salad bar of the children’s choosing.

Footscray OSC encourages the children with as many self help skills as possible, so small milk jugs for pouring milk, cereal dispensers for children to help themselves and little tongs for their little hands to help them pick up their salad choices.


Tables are dressed in bright wipe clean cloths.


Footscray Out Of School Club

Preparing For School

Book reading/quiet corner is encouraged especially in the early days of starting after school club when the children first start school.

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